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National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Celiac Disease.

NFCA, a national organization, is affiliated with the leading researchers in the US who are working toward this goal. The Foundation will support collaboration and partnership among scientists and institutions to optimize research potential. We have created an expert panel and competitive grant-making process to fund cutting edge research in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease
Celiac Centers at Hospitals  (Back to list)
University of Iowa James A. Clifton Center for Digestive Diseases

The UI James A. Clifton Center for Digestive Diseases offers you the region’s broadest range of GI specialty services. Our experts diagnose and treat liver, pancreatic, gall bladder, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and colorectal disorders.

Our staff members include experienced gastroenterologists, hepatologists and surgeons with unique skills and expertise along with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, gastrointestinal radiologists and pathologists to care for our patients.

We offer both medical and surgical options, including minimally invasive surgical procedures, to treat an array of digestive diseases and conditions.
Evaluation and services are available for:

Gastroenterology (General)
Bowel and Bladder Management
Celiac Disease (Gluten Allergy)
Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Surgery
Defecation Disorders, Constipation and Colorectal Pain
Fructose Intolerance
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Gastrointestinal Surgery (Minimally Invasive)
Heartburn, Reflux and GERD
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)
Neurogastrointestinal (GI Motility)
Pancreatic Disorders
Peptic Ulcers

University of Iowa James A. Clifton Center for Digestive Diseases
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